Discover How The Inherent Complexity Of Investing Makes Over-Simplified And Free Investment Advice Your Most Expensive Choice.

Key Ideas

  1. Why investing is complex, but personal finance is simple.
  2. How “buy and hold” is a special case, investment half-truth dangerous to your wealth.
  3. Reveals why ambiguity and complexity are an investor’s best friend… seriously!

We desire simplicity and comprehensibility.

We wish things worked the way they’re supposed to.

We long for black to be black and white to be white.

Why do we want these things? Because it gives us confidence in the outcome. It creates a sense of certainty in an uncertain world.

It feels secure.

That’s why we want investment advice that’s succinct, conclusive, accurate and understandable. We don’t want to muck around in financial mud.

The human mind wants security in financial affairs and is uncomfortable with exploring all the subtle shades of gray inherent in a complex, uncertain investment world.Unfortunately, reality doesn’t care what you want: it just is.

The future is unknowable, investment decisions are complex, and risk management is subtle shades of gray. That’s reality. Sorry.

If you want to invest profitably, then your strategy must be congruent with reality regardless of how you wish things were. Investing based on how you want things to be, rather than how they actually are, can be a very expensive indulgence.

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