With 750 delegates, the 12th EHS Congress in Munich in 6-9 September 2016 was a huge success. Congratulations to the organiser, Prof Werner Siebert, (now Past President of EHS) and the ladies from the congress company, Intercongress (photographer above and below wearing traditional Drindle dress).

The compliments our delegates express focus on the excellent scientific content and the sheer range of lectures, symposia and poster presentations on offer to attend – there were usually five meetings at the same time in various rooms. There was literally something for everyone.

Renowned Prof Reinhard Graf and his faculty of Prof Tschauner Christian, both of Stolzalpe, Austria, kicked off the congress on 6th September with a Refresher Course on Sonography of the Infant Hip.

The two gentlemen had driven in from Austria and were in high spirits at the President’s Dinner, which was held at the Bavarian State Parliament building, the glorious “Maximilianeum”. A stunning Bavarian sunset and a welcome glass of sparkling wine, followed by a historical guided tour and a very tasty meal, made this a night to remember for all who attended. (See guests photographed left.)

The opening ceremony took place on 7th September, where delegates received a warm welcome by the outgoing President of the European Hip Society Werner Siebert (Germany). This was followed by a highlight lecture on, “Value of ultra sound diagnostics in the infant hip – A lifelong experience” by, of course, Prof Graf (Austria).

The Award Ceremony

It was then Prof Werner Siebert’s extreme honour to present this orthopaedic legend, Prof Reinhard Graf of Stolzalpe, Austria, with Honorary Membership to EHS in recognition of  his outstanding contribution in Ultrasound Diagnostics of the Infant Hip.

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